About Us

DSC_0947Justin and Brooke Kreutz were both born and raised in beautiful La Grande, Oregon. In our 23 years of marriage, we have had 5 kids and moved four times. 15 years were spent in the Treasure Valley working in retail. The move back to La Grande was to give Justin’s father a chance to retire after years of hard work, and to keep this family-owned business in the Kreutz blood. We officially took ownership of CB’s LLC April 1st of 2014, and that’s no joke. We cannot take credit for starting this long-established business. In 1970, C.B. Kreutz started out with homemade, wooden portable restrooms, a septic truck, and a dream. Justin and I are privileged to be part of that dream. CB’s was founded on the mission statement to “Exceed Our Customers’¬†Expectations,” a goal that we still strive to achieve every day. Thank you to all of our loyal customers that have been with CB’s throughout the many years, and will continue to be with us for the many years to come. Sincerely, Justin and Brooke Kreutz¬†